About Rhema Family Church


Who we are. What we Believe

Our Mission: S.E.T.S.

The reason we exist as a church is to Save, Establish, Train, & Send.

We have a Message that is Good News to every one! We are actively preaching the Good News of Salvation so people can be saved – saved from Hell and saved to a life of victory and great purpose.

Once a person is saved, our aim is to help them become established in knowing who they are as a new Christian, what they have in Jesus and what God can do in and through them. Being established in a local church is the best way to help that become reality.

We provide opportunities for believers to be trained in the Word of God and in preparation for service in the Kingdom of God. Not only do we have a Bible School to facilitate this, but we have a culture of training within the church. Every believer is worth the investment to train.

We aim to help believers find where they belong; a place within the Church function and outside the Church in the marketplace, on the mission field or wherever God has called them to be. Send doesn’t mean we want to send people away! We want to have believers activated to GO into their world having been saved, established and trained to do it!

Save. E.T.S.
S. Establish. T.S.
S.E. Train. S.
S.E.T. Send.

Meet the Team

Pastors Tony and Patsy Cameneti

Tony Cameneti

Senior Pastor

Even though Tony is the Senior Pastor of Rhema Family Church, he is most approachable and loves to be around people. His teaching is simple and straightforward yet impacts the whole church family from the little kids all the way to the most mature. While he loves to minister on healing, he has a very practical approach to Christianity, making sure whatever he teaches is practical and ‘doable’.

Patsy Cameneti

Senior Pastor

Patsy shares the role of Senior Pastor with her husband Tony. The most significant characteristic of her life and ministry is a relationship with God. Her ministry is deeply spiritual, yet easily understood by all who hear. Everyone who knows her feels loved – loved by God and loved in the Body of Christ.

James & Jenny Eddison

James & Jenny Eddison


James and Jenny provide much of the pastoral care, prayer and mentoring at Rhema Family Church. Contact Pastor James for information on people services including baby dedications, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Karen Workentin

Karen Workentin

Executive Pastor

Karen serves as the Executive Pastor for Rhema Family Church. She is also the National Director of the  Rhema Bible Training College Australia.

Rhema Kids

Rhema Kids

Kids Team

Pastor Jenny coordinates a team of dedicated and fun leaders who bring the Word of God to our children, helping them to discover Jesus early in life and grow in their true identity as children of God.



Youth Team

Under the mentorship of Pastor Patsy, our Rhema Youth team is growing youth and young leaders as next generation influencers – both within the church and in their world.

Young Adults

Young Adults

They do Coffee Catch-ups, social events, small groups and heaps more.

More Leaders

We have a number of elders, team leaders, administration staff and key people at Rhema Family Church. We have not listed them all but know that there are many willing volunteers who always serve expressing our values and beliefs.

Vision, Message & Values

More about Rhema Family Church

Our Vision

The Church we see:
  • A family Church.
  • A Church where all feel safe and welcome (Race, Age, Social etc.).
  • A Church that has its platform built on what God did in Christ for us.
  • We are a Church that has a heart for the lost, is a good place to bring the lost and does everything available to reach the lost.
  • A Church that teaches the Word.
  • A Church where the Holy Spirit has freedom to move.
  • A Church of prayer and worship.
  • A Church where children are ministered to.
  • A Church where youth feel at home and are ministered to.
  • A Church where people’s gifts can be utilised.
  • A Church where the creativity of God can flow freely.
  • A Church where team is more important than “I”.
  • A Church that we call “my” church – rather than “your” church.
  • A Church that equips the believers for service.

Our Core Values

We Model and Live These Values By:


  • Putting the Word of God first in everything
  • Living by faith in the way we walk, talk and live
  • Being consistent in speaking, singing and living what we believe the Word of God teaches


  • Recognising the Holy Spirit and His leading
  • Valuing and working with the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit
  • Valuing the operation of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer, not just publicly but in  every-day life.


  • Exercising and activating the right and responsibility of prayer for every believer
  • Giving value to Spirit-filled and Spirit-led prayer and worship
  • Honouring God in worship and response to God’s love


  • Living a life of Love towards others according to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
  • Not holding grudges nor being involved in gossip or strife
  • Showing honour and respect those both in and outside the Church
  • Demonstrating a heart of love by giving; both to the work of the ministry and to each other


  • Holding fast to the family unit as demonstrated in the New Testament
  • Value the family of God within the Body of Christ
  • Exercising warmth, friendliness and developing connectedness
  • Practicing hospitality as instructed in the Epistles (Hebrews 13:2 & 1 Peter 4:9)


  • Living as Jesus did – Christ-like character
  • Seeking the honour of God above the honour of man
  • Willingness to learn new skills and help in any area to get the job done
  • Attendance and commitment that demonstrates a heart for the ministry
  • Ensuring quality and integrity in everything we do


  • Build teams in order to grow the work and build the Body
  • Help people to fulfil their potential
  • Spread the workload and maximise fruitfulness
  • Teach, train and replicate yourself and Jesus in others

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions. Please do not hesitate to contact the church office today.

Sunday Service

19 Tolmer Place / PO Box 1648 SPRINGWOOD, Qld 4127

+61 (07) 3208 6640