Our Mission: S.E.T.S.

The reason we exist as a church is to Save, Establish, Train, & Send people.

We have a Message that is Good News to every one! We are actively preaching the Good News of Salvation so people can be saved – saved from Hell and saved to a life of victory and great purpose. Find out how to get to Heaven.

Once a person is saved, our aim is to help them become established in knowing who they are as a new Christian, what they have in Jesus and what God can do in and through them. Being established in a local church is the best way to help that become reality.

We provide opportunities for believers to be trained in the Word of God and in preparation for service in the Kingdom of God. Not only do we have a Bible School to facilitate this, but we have a culture of training within the church. Every believer is worth the investment to train.

We aim to help believers find where they belong; either a place within the Church function or outside the Church in the market place, on the mission field or wherever God has called them to be. Send doesn’t mean we want to send people away – rather that they be commissioned to fulfill their calling having been saved, established, and trained for it.

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