Small Groups help everyone to connect at Rhema Family Church – from social groups to Bible studies to prayer groups. There’s something for everyone!

There are many types of groups here at Rhema

Bible Studies

Meet together in small groups in a casual home setting. Through study of the Word of God we aim to grow in our Christian faith and our walk with Jesus.

Prayer Groups

Rhema Prayer Groups are the engine room of the church, where ‘tremendous power is made available’. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pray-er, there is a prayer group for you.

Social Groups

Social groups help build relationships and bring a great sense of fun and family to us all. Each social group is different – place, time, focus – you’ll find something for you.

Service Teams

Rhema Service Teams are God’s hands and feet in action. If your heart is to serve in the house we have a variety of teams to cater for your different gifts, interests and abilities.

How do I sign up For a group?

Simply fill out an interest form from TheHub. We will then contact the group leader to get them to get in touch with you. Next term, we will have an online form to make the process better.

iBelieve: A new believer’s course

iBelieve is an excellent Christian Growth class for anyone wanting to get more involved at RFC (Rhema Family Church), meet new friends, and go over what we believe and how we live it out. It includes topics like “What is a Christian?”, “Who is your Enemy?”, “Who is God”, and other basic yet essential things that every Christian should know. If you’re on a team at RFC and you haven’t done it yet, are wanting to get more involved at Rhema, or have recently given your heart to Jesus, this is the course for you. Join this eight-week foundation course to find out what we believe and connect with others who are also on a similar journey. Please go to theHub on Sunday or contact us for details.

Other Ways to Connect


Keep in touch with us so you don’t miss out on any events.


Signing up to our newsletter keeps you up to date with what’s coming up next as well as a weekly devotional from Pastor Tony Cameneti.


Check out our upcoming events to find out more ways to connect at Rhema Family Church.

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