Being a Christian is about being part of the Body of Christ. At Rhema Family Church we all want to connect and to grow.  By joining a group or a Service Team you get to work, play or pray with some amazing people who – just like you – love to feel needed and useful and be a part of something bigger than yourself! We’d love you to get connected, not just to ‘help’ the church, but to enjoy the benefits of ‘being’ the church! Choose some options from the drop down menu under “Programs”, or Join a Team.
It is our desire is to reach the hearts of these precious children with the message of Jesus Christ that shapes the next generation.
RhemaPrimary (5years – 12years) – In this age group, children learn three core truths: They can trust God no matter what, Jesus is my best friend, and treat others the way I want to be treated.
RhemaJuniors (12months – 4 years) – With fun Bible based music, crafts and great creative storytelling, parents often comment how their children are connecting with God at their level through what they learn.


High School aged kids will find Rhema Youth fun, engaging and relevant to what kids are facing today. Youth is held every Friday from 7pm-8:30pm in the youth hall at the eastern end of our building.

iBelieve – A Foundation to Christian Living

iBelieve is an excellent Christian Growth class for anyone wanting to get more involved at RFC (Rhema Family Church), meet new friends, and go over what we believe and how we live it out. It includes topics like “What is a Christian?”, “Who is your Enemy?”, “Who is God”, and other basic yet essential things that every Christian should know. If you’re on a team at RFC and you haven’t done it yet, are wanting to get more involved at Rhema, or have even not long given your heart to Jesus, this is the course for you. Join this eight week foundation course to find out what we both believe and connect with others who are also on a similar journey. Please go to theHub or contact us for details.


There are many types of groups here at Rhema

At Rhema Family Church we value people. We encourage our church family to meet together, get to know each other and help each other grow in their walk with Jesus. To help foster this journey, Rhema Connect Groups meet regularly in a variety of locations and settings. We offer a selection of groups to cater for the varying needs of our church.

Bible Studies

Growing with others in our journey with Jesus. Meet together in small groups in a casual home setting. Through study of the Word of God we aim to grow in our Christian faith and our walk with Jesus.

Prayer Groups

Rhema Prayer Groups are the engine room of the church, where ‘tremendous power is made available’. The focus of each prayer group is different with mighty results. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pray-er, there is a prayer group for you.

Social Groups

Connect by having fun and doing life together. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. Socialising is a part of God’s plan of freedom and joy for us all. Each Social Group is different, some meet monthly or whenever the weather is nice.

Service Teams

Rhema Service Teams are God’s hands and feet in action. If your heart is to serve in the house we have a variety of teams to cater for your different gifts, interests and abilities.

How do I join a group?

Simply fill out a connect form and drop it off at theHub. We will get you connected to the group leader. If you have any questions please send an email to

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